The deportation from Ukraine

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депортация иностранцев с украины

Currently the territory of Ukraine is a buffer zone between the Eastern world and the European Union. That’s why thousands of migrants from the post-Soviet countries are trying to use this to get the opportunity to stay in the Schengen area. Most of these attempts are illegal.

Why foreigner may be deported from Ukraine?

A person who without citizenship or residence permit wants to stay in Ukraine without any permit should be deported because he or she  has no right to stay legally in state boarders. It also applies to violations of other rules:

  • inconsistency documents employment laws of Ukraine;
  • restricted movement inside state boarders;
  • absence of valid documents.

The deportation of foreign citizens from Ukraine in violation of the criminal code is not executed. In this situation these individuals to justice, and will serve his sentence under the same conditions as the existing citizens. At the end of the period of detention, deported alien and indicate in the passport listed as “undesirable person”.

How process of deportation is looking like?

If a person presented demands that you should immediately leave the country, we first need to know what is the purpose. The authorities are required to present a written decision why the deportation of foreigners.

With this document you can appeal for the decision to be reviewed. However, requirements are those:

  • violation of the law through no fault of the foreigner;
  • have documents proving legal right to stay in Ukraine;
  • violation occurred for valid reasons.

In any situation, it is better to consult with expert in migration law in Kyiv or Lviv. This will help to guard yourself against possible complications. Our lawyers can find much more information on this issue.