Citizenship of Ukraine

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отримання громадянства україни

Kirda & Partners is a experienced expert on migration law. Assistance to foreigners with legalization in Ukraine, including assistance in obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine, is a priority vector of our work.

Increasingly popular  for foreigners is a possibility of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine. It is profitable, it is a very popular phenomenon, because it allows you to enjoy all the opportunities that are provided to the citizens of this country. What are the peculiarities of filing documents, and can the system be simplified?

Features of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine by foreigners

It should be noted that such a procedure may not always be too simple. Quite often, you have to use the services of professional lawyers to get advice and collect the necessary documents.

There are conditions for the rapid receipt of the Ukrainian passport. These include the territorial origin or adoption. Other grounds for foreigners to acquire citizenship are more complicated by the requirements of additional control authorities, a large number of documents, long-term and high prices. In general, the following conditions should be met:

  • to recognize the Constitution of Ukraine;
  • permanently reside in the territory of the state for five or more years;
  • fluent in Ukrainian languadge;
  • have money for self-retention.

Grounds for which you can become a citizen of Ukraine

The laws of Ukraine provide for certain conditions and grounds for the presence of which a person who is a citizen or citizen of another state, or if there is a person who is not a citizen at all, may obtain a Ukrainian passport. Such conditions are as follows:

  1. territorial origin;
  2. birth in Ukraine;
  3. Adoption of citizenship;
  4. renewal in citizenship;
  5. adoption, establishment of guardianship or care by citizens of Ukraine;
  6. if one of the parents of a child is a Ukrainian citizen;
  7. if the fact that the person is a parent or mother is established or recognized;
  8. other grounds.

Citizenship of Ukraine procedure for acquisition and termination

To obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, you must necessarily collect a package of certain documents. These include the following statement: a statement, three photographs, a declaration no foreign citizenship, or a written commitment to terminate such citizenship in the future, a copy of the immigration permit, a copy of the document certifying the place of residence in the past, the certificate marriage, documentary evidence of financial standing for the past 6 months and other documents. If such a document was issued and registered in a foreign state, such documentation should be legalized and apostilled with a notarized translation.

Also, a document is required that will confirm that this person has been residing without a visa on the territory of Ukraine for a certain time, depending on the category of person who wishes to get a citizenship. It is important to submit a document confirming that you paid the state fee, this may be an ordinary receipt, certain privileged categories of persons are exempt from payment, but this status needs to be confirmed.

All the intricacies and properly collect the documents, you need to contact a specialized and experienced lawyer who has experience in this practice. Our specialists will help you quickly gather the necessary documents, consult on any issue. To find out more useful information, it’s enough to contact our experts

Stages of giving citizenship of Ukraine

When you have collected all necessary documents you should contact the local migration service department (if you are in the territory of another state, you must submit the documents to the Consulate of Ukraine) correctly and correctly filled in with the application and the package of documents.

The procedure for verifying the application for citizenship, in turn, passes several instances (in the stage), depending on the basis of such stages may be less or more.

Regardless of the reason, the documents are confirmed by the fact that they comply with Ukrainian legislation within 2 weeks. At this stage, you can return documents for re-processing, provided there are certain obvious shortcomings, with a deadline for eliminating them for up to 2 months.

If everything is correct, then the district migration service transmits the documentation to the regional department of the migration service, which takes the final decision on granting or refusing to grant citizenship of Ukraine (except for the grounds for admittance to and exit from the citizenship, in which case your application is additionally checked in the State the Migration Service of Ukraine in Kyiv and the final decision is made by decree of the President of Ukraine).

Who isn’t entitled to Ukrainian citizenship?

Despite the loyal legal framework, regarding the registration of citizenship of the Ukrainian state, there are a number of points that allow such persons to obtain the required document. These include the following groups of foreign citizens:

  • a foreigner has committed an offense, a crime or an administrative offense in the territory of the country, while in the period of temporary documented residence;
  • Genocide or a crime against humanity, inhumane or cruel, which is punishable by law and morality;
  • a grave or especially grave crime committed on the territory of Ukraine, but not in the home country of a foreigner;
  • A foreigner is in search of authorities or with the help of creditors (without offshore investments).

If we talk about people who still got Ukrainian citizenship and decided to break the documentary residence in their home country, then they assume certain obligations. After the refusal of the citizenship of a foreign state, men are obliged to hand over the old passport within five days after making a decision.

Dual citizenship in Ukraine

Each state treats its inhabitants differently to dual citizenship.

Recently, the problem of dual citizenship has become topical in Ukraine. Since the number of people using 2 or more citizenships only increases each year, and the number of such persons has already reached hundreds of thousands.

For multiple citizenship, positive and negative features are characteristic. Positive features of this status include:

  • additional protection of rights and freedoms;
  • convenience of visiting and living in countries where a citizen is a citizen;
  • the legal connection with the states is not lost;

Negative features:

  • Additional burdensome duties for such person (military service, taxes);
  • Numerous conflicts between the laws of both states that may adversely affect the legal status of such a person.

Assistance to lawyers in obtaining Ukraine citizenship

Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine for an ordinary person without any experience in this area is not only difficult, but dangerous. The main problem is the very large number of documents that need to be collected and properly drawn up. By taking one wrong step, you will continue the procedure for at least 2 months, and in the worst case you will get a rejection, resulting in a loss of money and a lot of time. Thanks to the great experience of our migration lawyers, we can get the Ukrainian passport in the shortest possible time. Our experts know the smallest details, which at first glance may seem completely unimportant to the eyes of ordinary people.