Citizenship of Ukraine through marriage

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Since Ukraine is considered a country that is rather attractive for permanent residence, often foreigners seek not only to obtain a residence permit, but also become a citizen of this state.

The conditions and grounds for becoming a citizen of Ukraine are exhaustively envisaged by the Law on Citizenship of Ukraine.

Each of the grounds for obtaining citizenship provides for its order, special conditions and a list of additional necessary documents.

The most well-known reason for obtaining a passport of Ukraine is the acceptance by the state of a foreigner of citizenship upon the condition of preliminary registration of a marriage.

A foreigner can become a citizen if he has a number of such requirements:

  1. Complies with Ukrainian legislation;
  2. He has no other citizenship;
  3. Residence in Ukraine for five years or if the foreigner is married to a Ukrainian or a Ukrainian for 2 years in a row. In addition to the above, citizenship may be accepted provided that the alien has served or served in the Ukrainian armed forces for the past 3 years, and this is confirmed by a contract;
  4. A foreigner has received an immigration permit;
  5. Knowledge of the state language;
  6. Availability of cash resources for living in Ukraine.

Necessary documents?

Here is an example list of documents required:

  • a completed application in duplicate;
  • 3 photos 35х45mm .;

Also, depending on the grounds and certain legal facts, one of the following documents must be submitted:

  1. for stateless persons – a declaration that there is no citizenship of the second state or an obligation to terminate foreign citizenship for foreigners;
  2. a document which can confirm the fact of continuous marriage for two years;
  3. a copy of the passport of a spouse or a citizen of Ukraine;
  4. certificate of death (copy);
  5. a document which can be confirmed by the knowledge of the state language (addition to the certificate or diploma where it is indicated on the study of the Ukrainian language);
  6. confirmation of sufficient financial support for the last 6 months from the moment of submission of the application;
  7. other documents.

Only after you are able to collect the necessary list of documents, which is declared in the law, it must be submitted to the migration service at your place of residence. It is important that some documents issued in a foreign country need to be apostilled and translated into the state language, after which it is necessary to apply to the notary for certification.

The procedure for registration of citizenship on the basis of marriage

Stages of obtaining the status of a citizen of Ukraine are quite extensive, lengthy and complicated legal procedures. Depending on the circumstances in which it is possible to become a citizen of the Ukrainian state, applications for citizenship are considered by the following bodies:

1) The specially authorized body acting under the President of Ukraine shall make a final decision regarding the admission to citizenship.

2) Migration service, diplomatic or consular representation are authorized to decide issues related to the acquisition of citizenship on all other grounds, except for the adoption of citizenship.

Citizenship begins with a detailed examination of the documents provided. If deficiencies are discovered, then no later than two weeks the documents are returned to the applicant to bring them to their proper state. If a person who wishes to become a citizen does not eliminate defects within 2 months, then a refusal must be made.

An application with a package of documents is undergoing a series of tests, the total period of which can not exceed 12 months:

  • The first step is to check the application with the documents in the local police department of the migration service, then it is sent to the regional LCA, and on its own end is checked by the State Migration Service of Ukraine.
  • The second step is to check the application and documentation provided by the subsidiary body (commission) under the President of Ukraine.

If it is not correct, it is illiterate or even with a minor mistake to issue an application or to file not the documents that should be carried out, the time during which the verification of documents can take about two years.

The problem of admitting to citizenship through marriage

In some cases, if you do not want to have two citizenships, after the state registration of your family union with a citizen of Ukraine you are granted the right to issue a temporary residence permit for a period of one year (it is possible to arrange it immediately after the registration of the marriage), and after the expiration of 2 years of marital life you can make a permanent certificate without a time limit.