Residence permit of citizens of Azerbaijan in Ukraine?

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вид на жительство в украине для граждан азербайджана

In order, obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Azerbaijan remains standard procedure – has no difference with procedure prescribed for another citizens. Depending on the type of residence permit differens list of required documents. Obtaining a temporary residence may be provided on a purpose employment. To obtain this type of permanent residence permit  you need to get  employment permit and visa D.

Permanent residence permit requires a good reason. However, there is a list of documents that will be required in any case. It includes:

  • national passport, valid for at least three months after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least 2 blank visa designated pages;
  • purpose of entry.
  • 2 photos – recent, passport-sized;
  • Valid medical insurance.
  • marriage certificate (for those who it is);
  • document confirming the absence of alcohol and drug addiction.

The remaining documents must specify directly in the organization, which will be a residence permit.

Residence permit for citizens of Ukraine in Azerbaijan: benefits

Residence permit in Ukraine significantly simplifies stay in its territory. A temporary residence permit avoids the problems associated with temporary stay in Ukraine – free stay in the country, the opportunity to use the services of Ukraine consulates to obtain visas. Permanent residence permit which gives a more rights and opportunities, although it does not give the full rights of those who are citizens of Ukraine. Thus, a person who has a permanent residence permit is entitled to education, medical care, legal protection, and more. Restrictions regarding the right to choose candidates for positions in government, without the possibility of service in the Ukrainian army, limits on exit and entry to Ukraine and a number of other (similar) constraints.