Certificate of registration of the citizen of Ukraine

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Citizen of Ukraine can be considered only person who went through the special procedure established by the state or international agreements. After that a person receives a special certificate which testifies to his new allegiance. On the basis of this document is an opportunity to draw key to identification, entitled as “passport.”

Reasons for certificate of registration of the citizen of Ukraine

Each individual who is entitled by law to receive citizenship of Ukraine may qualify for this status. You must only submit an application to the immigration service and make certain documents.

In the division of HMS person shall submit a written application, and then view it in ten days. This document must make a formal application for such public services. It is important to follow these legal requirements:

  • come in time;
  • refer to the territorial authority GTS;
  • pay the state fee;
  • For help in person;
  • provide identification.

In some situations, if applicants can not get help themselves, instead of them, pick up this document have the ability officials that person. For example, it may be parents or guardians, upon presentation of a certificate.

How much is the registration certificate of the person

It is important to bear in mind that each state services have to be paid. For help with citizenship, must pay 137.75 USD.

You can use the services of any bank, just go to the checkout. It is important to consider that the legislation does not have any benefits to not pay this receipt.

What are the required documents for registration of a person?

The main requirement – application. This document must indicate the following personal information such as name, surname and place of residence. Be sure to enter the mobile phone number. The list of required documents must specify the following:

  • payment receipt;
  • two photographs of size 3.5 to 4.5.

At a time when the submitted documents, it is imperative to show the employee that body their identity card and a certificate indicating the residence. In some situations it is necessary to make the translation of information from identification to Ukrainian.