Translation of passports and documents for foreigners

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Being on the territory of our state, foreign citizens must take care of the safety of themselves and their rights. This becomes possible if a citizen of another country has confirmed the authenticity of his documents and passports in special authorities. The translation of a foreigner’s passport can not be trusted by dubious organizations or private individuals. This is fraught with non-compliance with the current legislation of our country and subsequent unpleasant moments.

Features of correct translation of documentation for foreign citizens

Our organization has been involved in the translation of documents for foreigners for many years, it refers to this with all responsibility and with observance of all necessary norms and procedures.

There is a huge number of unpleasant cases, when guests of our state turned for help in transferring to incompetent firms. They faced fraud, late execution of an order or wrong translation.

Actions and norms that must be observed in a qualitative and competent translation:

  • Translation of the passport in accordance with the rules of the Russian language. Complete elimination of grammatical or punctuation errors.
  • Availability of translation of all marks, dates and comments.
  • Notarization of the correctness of the translation.
  • The seal of the organization, which was engaged in the translation of foreign documents.
  • Providing the translation agency with all the necessary additional documents and references.

It is very convenient when an organization that deals with translations employs a lawyer who has the right to notarially certify official documents. Then the whole complex procedure is as quick and easy as possible.

The peculiarities of accepting documents of foreigners

When the passport or other important documents of foreign citizens are translated correctly, they can fully rely on the protection of their own rights, the assistance of law enforcement agencies and the extension to them of all applicable laws.

For a long time our organization has been providing all possible assistance and support to foreigners in the operative and competent translation of important papers. We always work most responsibly, clearly and in accordance with the current legislation of our state.

If you have any additional questions or would like to get more detailed information, please contact the company’s official representatives at the specified contact numbers or through online correspondence.