Confirmation of the citizenship of the child

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Migration issues are always very sharp and have a lot of subtleties. There are many ways to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. One of them is the following: when a parent becomes a subject of Ukraine, his underage children automatically receive the same status. Another situation is when both parents are foreigners, and their child was born on the territory of Ukraine.

Features of the confirmation of the citizenship of the child

It is worth considering that the situation is different. For example, the first is that one of the parents has citizenship, and the second is a foreigner. In this situation, certain documents will be required for registration.

  1. A birth certificate is required. In the event that it was issued not on the territory of Ukraine, then this document will need to be legalized. Do not forget that it will be necessary to translate it into Ukrainian.
  2. A copy of the passport of that parent that has Ukrainian citizenship.
  3. Four photos of a child of standard size in the event that the baby is more than five years old.

How to choose a suitable branch of the migration service? The application is submitted at the place of residence of that parent who is a citizen of Ukraine. Only in this case the documents will be accepted for consideration.

After a ten-day period for consideration of the application, a formal decision will be made on this issue. Once this is done: the child receives a certificate of Ukrainian citizenship or is denied on this issue, but indicates the exact reason. For example, this can happen due to incorrect execution of documents.

What should I do when both parents are foreigners?

It is not uncommon for foreigners to have children in Ukraine. In this situation, the child automatically gets the opportunity to claim the status of a citizen. In this case, the procedure for obtaining citizenship for a child is much more complicated. To do this, collect the following information:

  • A copy of the child’s certificate, which must be issued by a notary;
  • Copies of foreign passports of both parents;
  • A certificate stating that the child did not receive the citizenship of one of the parents.

There are many situations for which parents may need to formalize citizenship for their child. The fact is that if a foreigner has a child who is a citizen of Ukraine, he can apply for a permanent residence permit. It is important to consider that in these matters it is necessary to consult with an experienced lawyer, so as not to make mistakes when drafting documents.