Extension of duration of foreigners residance in Ukraine

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Extension of duration of foreigners residance in Ukraine

If foreign citizens for personal or work purpose stay on Ukrainian territory, it is necessary to go through a specialized procedure which will allow to stay in the country for constance. How is the extension of the stay of foreigners in Ukraine, and what documents will be needed?

Extension of stay of foreigners in Ukraine

If such temporary entry specialist periodical duration of stay in the country share:

  • According to data inscribed in the entrance visa;
  • 90-day visa-free visit with Ukraine.

If a person is not a resident or citizen of the country, it does not just stay in its territory. For this, too, need drives regulated by law:

  • the requirements of doctors – birth, nursing, long-term treatment;
  • forced stay – illness, technical failure, difficulty with luggage;
  • providing valid reason for which has not been issued a residence permit or extension of stay.

However, this procedure also requires documentary evidence and forming packet data on a person.

Documents for the extension of the stay of foreigners

For foreigners who plan to stay in our country, the government presents the following list of documents necessary to prepare for registration:

  • Purpose of entry;
  • Visa Application form filled personally .
  • 4 photos – recent, passport-sized.
  • national passport, valid for at least three months after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least 2 blank visa designated pages ;
  • notarized and apostolate Ukrainian translation of passport ;
  • accomondation.