Registration of foreigners in Ukraine

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Official employment is impossible without permanent residence permit. This is the main requirement  of employee employment because the company is important to know where to look for the employee and that he is to live. Residence permit foreigners in Ukraine can be framed if desired, any person, but you need to collect a certain number of documents and use the services of professionals.

Registration  permanent residence permit in Ukraine

It is difficult to evaluate what benefits gives permanent residence permit. Legal status opens a lot of  possibilities:

  • Legalizing business .
  • Legalize your real estate.
  • Notary signification.

Of course, a person without a residence permit in Ukraine will be limited to activities. This is why service is so common for temporary residence. Because it allows you to use all opportunities as any other citizen.

The procedure of registration of foreigners in Ukraine

In our country, foreigners have the opportunity to be within the following terms:

  • a designated time period of the visa;
  • no more than 90 days within one hundred eighty days from the time it was made the first entry into Ukraine.

Of course, much more efficient and easier will be the citizens who will receive registration in Ukraine and the City. In this case much more likely to get a decent job and a great salary with social package.

Our company can help a foreigner to find the best tenant to make him the lease. Extras will be collected all the documents necessary for registration. The whole procedure is done in minimum time. More information is available on our website.

прописка иностранцев в украине