Resolution on immigration in Ukraine

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Once a foreigner moves to Ukraine and plans to stay in the country for a certain period of time – in this case it is essential to quickly start procedure of obtaining residence permit. If not, then stay in the country given 90 days.

The procedure for obtaining immigration permit for a foreigner in Ukraine

Every person who has no criminal record and be in Ukraine not legal terms, is able to rely on the decision to stay in the country. After a certain period of time will be able to get official citizenship.

Until the procedures for obtaining this permit is essential complexity because specialists are always advised to contact the relevant specialists on legal rights.

The documents to obtain immigration permits

Anyone may submit an application to the immigration service, and where the application is made with a package of relevant documents. This list should include the following securities:

  • ID;
  • Receipt of payment of all private services;
  • 4 pictures in standard size;
  • translation of documents into Ukrainian.

As for payment, it must pay not only for the same service, but also prepared to finance the payment of the state fee. With some countries in Ukraine has long-term visa, so the filing of documents it is also necessary to add to the overall list.

This application must be filed in person. If a person has a valid reason not to appear in the department  personally, documents can be sent by mail.

Not to be mistaken with the design, and the procedure was strictly in time, it is necessary to enlist the help of professionals. In this case, the person will help make documents and advise on any issue. More information can be seen on the website or by phone to clarify the company.

разрешение на иммиграцию в украину