Work permit for citizens of Belarus

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разрешение на работу в украине для белорусов

Work in Ukraine in recent years has become a very popular for the residents of the post Soviet Union. Comfortable working conditions, minimum requirements for foreigners and quality of life were the reason why so many immigrants from the post-Soviet countries wishing to work here. But it is important to have a special work permit. Work permit for Belarus citizens in Ukraine Obtaining such permit is the only legal way to work in Ukraine according to labor law of Ukraine. The State Employment Agency issues a permit in the following situat ions:

  • abcense of ukrainian specialists with specific required skills;
  • necessity of involvement of specialists from Belarus;
  • This document provides an opportunity for citizen of Belarus to get a job.

Only if person has workpermit, such employment would be legal. The main requirements for Belarus citizens are following: availability of good conduct certificate and diploma of higher education, which suggests the possibility to work on a specific position. Do not forget about two photos, national passport.

Also medical certificate of abcense of mental diseasses are reqiured. If a person plans to get a residence permit in Ukraine, the work permit is the easiest way to get it. In this case, when considering the application, given a better chance of a positive result. The laws of Ukraine there are some subtitles in which not everyone is lack of experience can Therefore, necessarry need assistance. For more information, contact our lawyers.