Work permit for russians in Ukraine

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Work permit – a document that allows a foreigner set residence permit. In the Russian legal employment, can not worry about the possible penalties. Work permit for the Russians in Ukraine It is important to consider that not all Russian citizens need to obtain a work permit. There is a list of professions and activities for which there are exceptions:

  • Navy ;
  • artists;
  • athletes;
  • employees of universities and schools;
  • mass-media.

The duration of permit is issued for a period of one year. You can try to extend it for the same period. If a person has designed a permanent residence permit, it gets rid of the need to undergo the process of obtaining permission. As a Russian citizen to get permit to work in Ukraine There are several basic steps, which after gets this permission. Among them, following steps:

  • entry phase, in which the citizen collectingand preparing documents;
  • Submitting collected documents;
  • And finally you are entitled to work in Ukraine.

The main documents that must be submitted for consideration is a passport with translation into the official language, certified by a notary. Also required education certificate, medical card and certificate that a person has no criminal record in Ukraine.

More important for authorization submitted is correct declaration asking that to apply for a position in a particular company. The core package of documents added two photos of size as a passport. More information can be found on our website.