Residence permit in Ukraine for the citizens of Armenia

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вид на жительство в украине для граждан армении

Official employment in Ukraine, as the official residence, provides a lot of benefits. First of all, exclude the possibility of deportation and ban on entering the country and the foreigner who received a residence permit – a legal protection for the duration of stay in the country. In other words, residence in Ukraine for citizens of Armenia – the key to stay in the country.

Most  recent is to obtain a permanent residence permit, since it does not require annual registration and its duration is indefinite. You should also remember that regular permanent residence foreigner gives almost full rights of an ordinary citizen of Ukraine. In other words, with regular permanent residence foreigner is entitled to education, defense, medical and legal assistance, and so on.

Are some limitations in the case: the choice of candidates for positions in government, lack of service in the Ukrainian army restrictions on exit and entry to Ukraine and a number of other constraints. In another permanent residence is almost indistinguishable from citizenship. Its execution requires more expenses and reasonable justification, yet permanent residence- is the best option if the country must be very common scheme and “90/180” does not satisfy these needs.

How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Armenia

When it comes to the question “how to get a residence permit in Ukraine citizen of Armenia” should understand that the procedure for registration of these documents is the same for all foreigners or stateless persons. It differs only set of documents necessary for each case. And if you still get a residence permit in Ukraine Russian citizen was easier after the recent law even Russian citizens are deprived of privileges. A standard set of documents that will be useful in any case:

  • Purpose of entry;
  • Visa Application form filled personally .
  • 4 photos – recent, passport-sized.
  • national passport, valid for at least three months after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least 2 blank visa designated pages ;
  • notarized and apostolate Ukrainian translation of passport ;

Further documents varies depending on whether temporary or permanent residence made permanent. For temporary permanent residence permit required relevant employment center for employment and the presence visa D. For  permanent residence will be required to indicate a significant basis for this type of accommodation. Issued permanent residence, one spouse if the other spouse, whom he married more than two years old, a citizen of Ukraine, children and parents of citizens of Ukraine; persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine or under guardianship or trusteeship of citizens of Ukraine; persons who are entitled to citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin; persons whose immigration is of state interest for Ukraine; foreign Ukrainian, Ukrainian foreign spouses and their children in case of their joint entry and stay in Ukraine. To obtain a permanent residence permit is also needed permission to immigrate under the quotas on immigration.