Residence permit in Ukraine for EU citizens

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вид на жительство в украине для граждан евросоюза

Obtaining a residence permit – a great opportunity not to lose their time on paperwork for entry. Often for business or personal residence in Ukraine for EU citizens is the best option. The certificate allows EU citizens legally remain in the country for the long term, as well as avoid the usual hassles of leaving and entering the country. A temporary residence permit in demand on the labor question, as ideal for EU citizens invited to work in Ukraine.

For this document must have appropriate permission Employment Center and visa D. Also possible situation where the employer to prove the need for a foreign employee to the workplace. Temporary residence permit is that the document has only 1 year, after which it must restructure and system “90/180” on which a person can stay in Ukraine only for 90 days 180. It is quite uncomfortable, when to stay in the country for more than 90 days or permanently, any visit is extremely undesirable. For such situations, there is a permanent residence permit. Permanent residence permit is issued once and does not require renewal. Thanks to him, a foreigner can stay in Ukraine constantly, and enjoy almost all the rights of citizens of Ukraine with few exceptions.

Documents to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for EU citizens

To issue a residence permit in Ukraine for EU citizens, you have quite a similar procedure to the one which would have to undergo in order to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine or Russian citizen Azerbaijanis. The package of documents, depending on the type of residence permit may be very different, but still is the main official papers, without which no cost, no procedure:

  • national passport, valid for at least three months after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least 2 blank visa designated pages;
  • purpose of entry.
  • 2 photos – recent, passport-sized;
  • Valid medical insurance.
  • marriage certificate;
  • document confirming the absence of alcohol and drug addiction.

Also, based on the grounds obtaining a residence permit, you must provide a birth certificate, marriage and others.