Residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Kazakhstan

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вид на жительство в Украине для граждан казахстана

Citizens of post- Soviet countries are allowed to stay in Ukraine not more than 90 days. If its necessary to stay longer, for example, on employment purpose, you can extend this term obtaining residence permit. Residence permit in Ukraine for Kazakhstan citizens Residence permit is Givivng to its owner a lot of advantages. Such a document allows people to stay in Ukraine for a period not exceeding one year. What are purposes of obtaining residence permit?

  • Official employment.
  • Mass Media.
  • Work in international organizations, companies and banks.

In fulfilling one of the conditions, the citizen of Kazakhstan is able to be issued with residence permit. This document has expiration period: one year. At the end of his term should be continued.

How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine citizens of Kazakhstan?

Of course, such a process is neither easy nor simply, but what is very important to submit your application correctly. Most important is to prove your purpose for obtaining a residence permit. It is also important to remember that you need to have your national passport, pay state fees and have valid insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all people succeed to receive such a permit from the first time. But you can use the services of professionals to avoid such unpleasant situation . More information can be found at our website.