Departure for permanent residence from Ukraine

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At the moment, many citizens of Ukraine dream of permanent residence abroad. This is not surprising, because especially in European countries, the standard of living is much higher and completely new opportunities are opening up. Some of the most popular countries for emigration are Canada and the US, because there is a wide Ukrainian diaspora.

Why so often leave for permanent residence?

Every year, the opportunities for obtaining a free life in another country become more and more, as does the attractiveness of this choice. Therefore it is not surprising how many citizens of Ukraine choose other countries as their residence.

This opens up entirely new opportunities for development. You can earn more by sending money to your relatives. Also can freely acquire things, equipment and products of high quality. The standard of living in developed countries is much higher, because so much and chasing the opportunity to obtain permanent residence.

Where do they go for permanent residence from Ukraine?

Some citizens of Ukraine often leave for countries where the highest standard of living. These include Germany, Great Britain, Norway, the United States and others. Acquiring citizenship in these countries will open up a huge number of benefits. On the other hand, it is not so easy to obtain such a status without special conditions.

Another part of our citizens are chosen for the permanent residence of the country, which are located closest. They include Poland, Romania, Hungary. Important advantages are the proximity of countries, which will allow them to come home more often, as well as they have a simplified program for permanent residence.

How to apply for permanent residence abroad?

The most important thing is to collect all the necessary documents. This applies to copies and originals, as a regular passport, and overseas. Also note the following:

  • Four photographs measuring 3.5 to 4.5;
  • A certificate from the tax inspection;
  • military ID;
  • Completed application;
  • Envelopes for a request with stamps;
  • Cardboard folder with strings.

In some situations, departure for permanent residence is carried out with children. In this case, it is necessary to attach to the rest of the documents a birth certificate of the child, as well as a marriage break. Also, if only one parent leaves, then the second one needs to get a notarized authorization, that he agrees with this.

If there are certain issues related to the legal aspects of obtaining permanent residence, it is much easier to contact an experienced lawyer. In this case, it will be possible to quickly understand all the subtleties of the legislation.