Visa invitations for Ukraine

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If you want stay in Ukraine for a long time or for job, you must open a visa of the appropriate type. Procedure of registration takes place on the territory of the relevant foreign state in which lives a person who wishes to obtain a visa in Ukraine. In this case, questions arise regarding the procedure for opening a visa and issuing an appropriate type of visa application.

Features of receiving an invitation to Ukraine

In order to obtain a visa type C, a person firstly must receive an invitation from a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner who has a temporary or permanent residence permit.

From March 1, 2017, the form and procedure for filling  invitations has changed. Now the procedure for receiving invitations has become more accessible and quick in design.

In order to receive an invitation to Ukraine from an individual person, you should have the following documents at your disposal:

  • the original and a copy of the passport of the person who invites;
  • copy and original of the identification code;
  • passport information about foreigner;
  • information about the place of residence of a foreigner.

After preparing all the documents and making a application, you should contact the notary for a notarization. The application must contain:

  • information and passport details of the person who will be invited;
  • information about a foreigner (name, place of residence, passport number, etc.);
  • the purpose and period of the planned stay in Ukraine;
  • the obligation of the person who invites to bear the material costs associated with the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.

If you want to make an invitation to a business visa on behalf of a legal entity (LLC, TDO or AT) in application form will be of another content and will not require a notarial certification. For this kind of invitations you need:

  • information about a foreigner (name, place of residence, passport number, etc.);
  • information about company;
  • information and passport details of the director;
  • purpose, number of entries and period of the planned stay of a foreigner;
  • the company form and the seal of the legal entity that will invite.

A lot of people make mistakes during registration and its can be a problem for a foreigner.

Our specialists have been working not the first year and have a huge experience in this matter. You can contact online or call the phone numbers specified on the site.

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