Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

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If a person plans to stay on a long term on the territory of Ukraine, then it is required to obtain special permit. Permanent residence permit entitles officially residence on the territory of Ukraine.

The procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit

The law has defined two main groups of people who are able to obtain a permanent residence permit. The first are those that are in quotas, and the second belongs immigrants above quotas. Who fits the first group?

  • Representatives of culture.
  • qualified professionals.
  • A person who invested in Ukraine not less than one hundred thousand dollars of the United States.
  • Relatives of citizens.
  • Man and children under eighteen years old man who received permanent residence.
  • The refugees three years after seeking asylum status.

The list of those who do not have quotas include the following groups of people, which is the public interest. Each case is considered separately, but when properly filling out documents there is high probability of this document.

What gives permanent residence permit in Ukraine

The most important benefits of residence permit is that a foreigner can stay for a longer period then in ordinary. Without permit foreigner is allowed to stay no longer then 90 days.

Permanent residence opens new possibilities. You can forget about regular fee payments, medical insurance.

All these advantages open up many new opportunities for foreigners. However, each case has its own characteristics, so there are always some extra questions. Looking for answers- you can contact our experts and make process easier.

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