Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

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Temporary residence permit –  it’s a document  that allows  a right of a foreigner or stateless persons to live on a territory of foreign country for a certain period (more than 90 days)  on the grounds defined by the legislation.

It is easier to receive than a permanent residence permit. In Ukraine legislation are different  than another countries  including procedure of obtaining a temporary residence permit. That’s why these specifics are disclosed in this article.

How to receive Temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

If you want to get  Temporary residence permit in any country you  need to pass not one step, as this procedure is enough complicated.. Certificate of temporary residence permit in Ukraine provides the right to stay foreigners in the country for a certain period of time. Everyone who receives a residence permit has the same rights as other residents of Ukraine.

You don’t have to get  a residence permit in only one case – if you stay in Ukraine for less than 90 days. You can freely stay in Ukraine for such period.

So, if you purposefully decide to live in Ukraine for more than 90 days, you  need   to read the Law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless persons”. Even  if you will get a temporary residence permit, it will be valid only for one year.

Documents for obtaining of temporary residence permit in Ukraine

There is a special package of documents required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

To obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you will need the following documents:

  1. Passport document of a foreigner or a stateless person;
  2. Application forms of obtaining a temporary residence;
  3. Request from a host party to issue a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  4. Ukrainian translation of passport pages with personal data (notarized).
  5. Medical insurance;
  6. Document that certifies of no criminal record in Ukraine;
  7. Photos 3.5×4.5 cm.(4 matte copies);
  8. Ukrainian ID number if available (notarized copy);
  9. Receipt confirming the payment for SMSU services and payment of State duty.

The documents of the last category usually include statements from the employer, the university, the religious community, etc. In addition to these documents you need to carry envelopes and a folder with a binder.

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Each foreign citizen and stateless persons  can obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Verification of documents can lasts within 15 days. After the end of this term you will receive an answer to your application. Thereafter you need to register your place of residence within 10 days.

Grounds for receiving temporary residence permition

There is a standard list of grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit by a citizen of another country:

  • you want to employment in Ukraine;
  • you want to reunite with the family ( if husband \wife is a citizen of Ukraine);
  • you want to reunite with the family  (if husband \wife or children has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine);
  • you want to realize international technical assistance;
  • you are member in a religious organization;
  • you want to study in Ukraine;
  • you are employee in affiliate foreign company ;
  • you deal in volunteering, cultural, educational, scientific work;
  • you are correspondent or foreign mass media worker;

In these cases, you can receive a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. However, there are restriction, imposed by law, in which you can be denied on a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. These grounds include the existence of convictions, and other circumstances described in the Constitution of Ukraine.

How long is a temporary residence permit issued in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, you can get a temporary residence permit for a 90 days. In the future, you can extend a term.  If you will need  a prolongation term you must submit a statement (not earlier than 10 and not later than 3 days before the end of term).

A residence permit can also be canceled ahead of time. You can cancel it yourself.

Also it’s possible, for example, when a worker is dismissed, graduating university and another grounds.  Full support you can get in our lawyers.

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